Get involved

Communcation is mostly done on the Julia Discourse. More short-lived interaction is found on Julia Slack #geo. Feel free to create issues, PRs on packages.


GitHub organizations

The JuliaGeo GitHub organization is intended primarily for the collaborative development of packages that are generally applicable across the geospatial and geosciences domains. For dealing with geospatial data, packages from the JuliaGeometry and JuliaImages organizations may also be of interest, and we will aim for good integration with those. Since the JuliaGeo organization aims to provide mostly general tools, more domain specific packages may be better suited for development in domain specific organizations. JuliaClimate is a nice example of such an organization that will be especially interesting to climate, atmosphere and ocean scientists. EcoJulia also provides some tools for generating and downloading spatial data sets, with a focus on ecological applications.


Here’s a partial listing of some of the existing libraries in Julia that you can use for working with geospatial data. Not all of them are listed under the JuliaGeo organization, but some of them might get moved over.

Wrappers for external libraries

Using the excellent BinaryBuilder.jl we provide prebuilt binaries for most external libraries.

Native Julia libraries

Other Projects